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Watching scary stuff and scopophobia
Watching scary stuff and scopophobia

Watching scary stuff and scopophobia

Hello Guys! Welcome To My Page. It’s been so many months; how are you all doing? So Here We Will Be Talking About My Recent Experience. Let’s Get Going!

Since Coronavirus hit the world, I have been attending online classes. I’m happy now that I’m attending an offline school, and I’m still using my laptop to attend some classes and watch educational videos.

A few weeks ago, while watching some educational videos and doing my research about fish and other aquatic animals, I accidentally got myself engaged in YouTube suggestions and ended up landing in some creepy stuff that made me addicted to things like watching scary videos secretly.

Ever since, I have been watching scary and creepy videos like a backroom, SCP stories and animation, and other stuff that includes disturbing Youtube videos with random names. 

It’s forbidden. My parents don’t encourage this. I could only use my laptop in the living room or dining room. So that everything is transparent, my mom can see my screen without even reaching near me. In this way, I can’t watch scary videos. So I tricked my mom and took her consent to use my laptop in my room for an hour or so.

It’s not that easy, though. Over the period, I have mastered the technique. All I need to do is give extra work to my ears. The moment I heard my father opens his office door, I quickly closed the youtube window and shifted to another educational tab. If I heard my mom’s flip-flops approaching the doorway, I did the same calmly. Seriously, I feel like my mom can read my eyes. Sometimes she could catch me watching videos and try to take my laptop away. At that moment, I felt like my world was turning upside down, and I wanted to function violently, like screaming and shouting at my mom. But in reality, when my mom takes my laptop, I go quiet and calm. If I behave badly, my mom puts me under lots of restrictions and takes my privilege to use the laptop in my room. So keeping all this stuff in my mind and avoiding unnecessary heartaches, I have learned to give my laptop calmly whenever she asks for it. After practicing all kinds of somersaults, I felt like this was the safest way to make her stop negatively seeing things.

Well, I watch some videos in the morning and evening while eating food. Most of the videos are boring, some funny, some disturbing, and some bad. Sometimes I find some disturbing stuff. I do get some nightmares. Seriously guys. These nightmares give you goosebumps and chills in the spinal cord.

After seeing stuff like this, I observed the surroundings in an entirely different manner. Sometimes I found myself Obsessively trying to find something in the reflections like on the mirrors in the black marble, screens, large glass doors, etc

So Last Night, On A Door Knob, I Saw A Face, And Yesterday In The Dark, I believe I have seen A Backroom Entity Wretch. It looked exactly like what I watched in the video.

Its skin was Light Gold, And it was looking at me, And I Got Scared and ran to my mom.  I was really confused about whether it was real or not. So I didn’t disclose it to my mom. 

The other day, When I was Sleeping, I Saw some Of The Face When I tried to cover myself under the sheets. I was shocked and confused at the same time and continued to look at it. For some time, it was there and slowly started coming up toward me. I recalled that It Was From A Video From Broogli Level 7777. Watching this level drives You Insane.  I hated That Red Insane haunting Face. 

And Also, I Saw Windows Entity 2 On My Bathroom Down Window; it’s like a shadow or a person who stands behind the windows or doors. It is like a shadowy figure. It will whisper to you to come near to it, and then once you come, you will be near to it. It will pull you into the window with its big shadowy large hand. Once you are inside the window where the shadow was present, it’s unknown whether it will eat us.

I researched this further, and let me tell you what I learned.

I feel like I have these symptoms called scopophobia, which means that it’s the fear of being watched by someone or stalked by someone. When I see something in the dark, it disturbs me. It’s like my mind is playing tricks on me. Whenever I think of something, my mind paints it and shows it in my eyes. Then I see whatever I imagine. I get scared, and I sometimes scream and try to go to a safe place. My mom sometimes tells me not to watch scary stuff and ignore the visuals. Whenever I get scared, my mom asks me to come to her room.

The side of the bed made me feel uncomfortable. Whenever I get scared, I may hold my mom’s hand and feel safe. On the window side of the bed, there is a higher possibility of disturbing stuff like some scary stuff from where I feel like the entities creep and crawl through the windows. All these things made me so weak. So I was thinking of stopping to watch scary stuff.

Typically, I am trying to stop watching scary stuff, but the youtube the screen will display the suggestions restlessly. After seeing the suggestions sometimes, I might click. So whenever I do, I encourage my sister to watch the scary stuff with me. It made me feel safe and secure. In the middle of the video, my sister sometimes gets scared, and runs away with high pitched shrieks.

Usually, beforehand itself I encourage her not to get scared. But she nods her head and joins me but somehow she get scared and starts running away. When she does that I feel all alone and scared to death and run behind her with an increased heart rate.

This memory disturbs me, but I still want to share it with my readers.

Yesterday, the nanny was putting my sister to bed. Swinging at my sister in the night. The pretty ugliest thing is that I wouldn’t say I like it, and to make her fall asleep, she turned off all the lights in the living room. I was watching some horror stuff in my room, and suddenly I felt like I was being watched by someone else. Constantly my mind is alerting me to stay on the ground wherever I am and not look at it.

After a few seconds, I felt like that thing was still hiding and looked at me regularly. Then I came out of my room and entered the living room. It was dark, and all the lights were off. Then the nanny told me to sit on the couch. The dining room door was ajar, and I happened to look into the dining room. I went to my room and stayed a bit and thought the thing followed me, and ran to my dad’s office and called him out. It was just like a shadow. It was not doing anything. It was like a still, but I ran away from the restroom before anything worse could happen. I still managed to come out of my room. I don’t know why I am scared, but better to stop watching these videos.

I Am Still Brave, but still, these paranormal events make me go mad. But they only and likely happen in dark areas. Which means I might see paranormal activities at night and in the dark. In the morning, I do not experience these things. When the lights are turned off, these things appear. 

Seriously, dudes, These are just a part of our minds. The only way to stop these things from happening like this is to stop watching horror stuff and horror videos. Even while watching youtube, these suggestions still appear because since youtube always tracks your activity, you should never get tempted to click on that stuff. If you happen to click, it’s very unlikely to resist the urge to watch and close the window. You watch. And mind your business online carefully and watch educational stuff and good stuff.

Sometimes we should not even show it to small children. Even though we feel like ignoring the scary stuff, we still think about them. So be very extra careful while on YouTube. And always mind your own business. Never go for click bites. Save your time for learning cause time is the future, and learning will make it more powerful. 

Right now, this is all I know. So thanks for reading this post, and I hope you like it. Bye for now.


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