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Fish and Cannibalism
Fish and Cannibalism

Fish and Cannibalism

Fish fascinates me a lot. They are the only creatures that can swim easily in the water. They can live underwater. They can see aquatic plants and different fish and experience the underwater stuff, unlike us. They have gills to move them where they wish to go. Few fish also bring good luck. They say, for example, Arowana fish. I don’t believe in that stuff, seriously. 

One day before bed, I saw a tank full of baby fish and went to bed happily, hoping they would be alive and grow bigger. In the morning, I went to the fish tank to wish them good morning. I felt very disappointed to see only two baby fish. Immediately I rescued those fish and kept them in a separate container. 

This incident made me research fish and baby fish and how to protect baby fish. I learned that these baby fish are prone to cannibalism. Even eggs are also prone to Cannibalism.

Baby Fish in Different Containers According to their age difference

Speaking about cannibalism, when the older fish get extremely hungry, they eat their eggs or their young. A father and Mother fish can do that. To avoid cannibalism, separate the young ones and the female when she is pregnant. Sometimes males can harass females, which can cause the female to die of stress.

Before cannibalism, we need to identify fish, which is which, which one is male, and which one is female. It’s not easy. Because fish look the same, once it’s matured, it’re very easy to identify. Until then, we need to keep observing the signs. I like observing them, and it’s not boring to observe them every day. 

According to my observations, males are small, and females are thin. I did little research about that. Later I started identifying female and male fish. This incident helped me identify the pregnant fish and protect their babies. Once I was sure about the gender of the fish, I started protecting the mom fish and immediately started shifting the newborn fish to a separate tank once it had given birth.  Remember it, guys; the mother would be very hungry after giving birth. We need to provide the mother fish with plenty of food. If we ignore that, she will not be able to survive. 

Keen observation requied

For guppies, when the Gravid spot appears, that means they are pregnant. As soon as the gravid spot appears, we must separate the female fish. If we separate it while she is giving birth, it will be the biggest disturbance to her, and the brood will get aborted due to the stress caused by the moving when the female is about to give birth. I even made this mistake, and then I learned from my mistake and carefully started observing the signs of the pregnant fish. That’s how I learned to breed fish at my home.

Apple snails

I started learning about apple snails. I have a female snail, Josè, an illegal name in California. I didn’t know that. I watched a video about that twice to remember it forever. 

So She had Given so many Baby snails, but I saw a different snail come out of her shell. The names were dell, Inspiron, and Alienware, and there are more now. The mother, however, due to the aging or the poor wafer quality, I am yet to research these things dead and the babies there. Few died, but many were fine. 

Shell of the female snail, Josè

We have to take care of the fish and snails properly. Before even buying a fish or snail or a plant, anything whatever it may be, you have to research it properly. Then only you can take care of them properly; otherwise, don’t even consider getting a pet.

Hope you enjoyed reading my post. Thanks.


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